Living Language Hindi review.

About Living Language Hindi.

Living Language courses follows a teaching method, which can be divided into 4 steps. For starters in the first lessons of this course you will be only taught the most essential Hindi words and phrases. This is useful feature of Living Language, because you will be able to start speaking Hindi quite fast. Secondly, you will be able to retain most of the material introduced in this course, because each lesson comes together with workouts and you are learning this language through different multimedia (recordings, written material and digital exercises). Also Living Language provides detailed explanations on Hindi grammar so you can understand how this language is structured and then speak it with higher confidence. Last of all, this course follows Building Approach, so you will be introduced to Hindi language is small pieces and then these pieces are reinforced in further lessons.

When it comes to Hindi language there are 2 main courses available from Living Language – Essential and Complete. It is not really worthwhile to consider Essential edition of this course for serious Hindi learners, because it provides users with very little material (1 book and 3 audio CD’s). Complete edition of Living Language includes 3 books (46 lessons), 9 audio CD’s and notebook, so learners have the ability to progress with Hindi language much more. You should also know that the same 10 lessons that are found in Essential version are also included in Complete edition. So you shouldn’t consider this edition if you are planning to buy Complete version later.

In addition to these mentioned courses it is also possible to purchase online version of this course. It contains the same lessons and material as Complete edition; however it is more convenient to study via this course while on the go. It is also worthwhile to mention that there are a couple of additional features included in this version like access to online community, ability to purchase e-tutoring sessions, different puzzles and games.

The Main Pros and Cons of Living Language Hindi.

Main Pros:

  • Living Language provides users with audio and written studying material, so it is a suitable course for both visual and audible Hindi learners;
  • Living Language provide users of this course with material that can help to improve all areas of Hindi language (writing, reading, listening, grammar and etc.), which is a huge benefit over programs that teach you only how to speak and understand a foreign language;
  • Even though this course doesn’t include extensive culture information, there are some culture notes provided, which is very useful in case you want to find out more about India culture;
  • Since this course teaches Hindi through different multimedia (audios, written material, games, puzzles and etc.) it helps to keep your retention high while learning this foreign language;
  • There is no guessing involved with Living Language Hindi, since it provides clear explanations on every aspect of this foreign language;
  • It can be said that Living Language courses are very reasonably priced (price range from $20 to $150), so Hindi learners who have lower budget can also afford to purchase them;

Main Cons:

  • Even though in general Living Language gets very good reviews from its users, this is not the case with Hindi. Some users of this course complain that there are a lot of mistakes in the books and provided translations are not always correct too;
  • It can be said that online features (games, puzzles and etc.) offered by Living Language are a bit less engaging when compared with other Hindi courses like Rocket or Rosetta Stone;
  • In case your main aim is to learn how to speak Hindi you might be a bit disappointed with Living Language courses. This is mainly because you can improve your speaking skills by only repeating audio CD’s and there are no additional features included that would encourage you to speak Hindi out load;
  • It can be said that Living Language is not the most convenient course to study Hindi on the move, since the main material comes in a form of books and audios are not very useful without them. However you can choose online version of this course (more expensive), which will allow you to access material via your tablet or mobile phone;
  • If you are learning Hindi for traveling purposes, other courses reviewed in this website, might be more suitable for you. Even though Living Language teaches useful vocabulary to get around in India, it pays more attention to writing system and grammar of this language;

What do consumer reviews say?

Even though most Living Language courses have very positive feedback from its users, this doesn’t seem to be a case with Hindi language. Some users of this course complain that translations in the book are not always correct, there are mistakes in romanization and some exercises include material that is only introduced in further lessons. Read a few actual user testimonials of Living Language Hindi course bellow.


For more user reviews of Living Language Hindi courses, visit Amazon page here.

Summary of a review and Pricing.

Despite some mistakes in Living Language Complete edition, it is still worthwhile to consider this course for learners who want to improve all aspects in Hindi language. This is because provided explanations on grammar and writing system in this course can be very useful for learners who want to learn not only how to speak and understand Hindi. The other benefit of Living Language is that it includes a lot of material to study from and you can purchase it for less than $50. buy-Living-Language-Complete-course

In case you already made a decision to purchase one of Living Language Hindi courses you can find them on websites like Amazon, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and etc. As it was mentioned previously, the price for Complete edition is ~$50 on Amazon and you can purchase Essential version of this course for $23. Online version is a bit more expensive (~$150 for one year) and it can be purchased on official Living Language website.

Find Living Language Hindi courses on Amazon.

If you have a bit higher budget for Hindi learning, our recommendation would be to try Rocket course. This online program doesn’t have that much mistakes and it also teaches all aspects of this language (grammar, how to read and write in Devanagari, provides culture lessons). Also it is more convenient to study via Rocket program while on the go and it is more oriented for learners who want to speak and understand Hindi. Also read our review article about TOP Hindi courses online if you want to find out more about alternative programs for studying this foreign language.