Pimsleur Hindi Audio Lessons review.

About Pimsleur Hindi Lessons.

Pimsleur is a well-known company, which offers to learn more than 50 languages including Hindi. It is actually one of the oldest courses available, since it was developed more than 50 years ago. The main aim of this course is to teach learners how to speak in a foreign language with a good accent and also as fast as possible. To ensure quick results, Pimsleur introduces only the most essential Hindi words and phrases so you do not need to waste time learning unnecessary vocabulary. Since this course is more focused on teaching learners how to communicate in Hindi, there is very limited material on grammar and other parts of this language. So it can be said that Pimsleur can be a great choice course for those who don’t need to study all aspects of Hindi and only want to learn the most common communication phrases in this foreign language.

Pimsleur teaching approach is quite similar to how we all learned our first language. First we heard it spoken by people around us and then we tried to repeat it our self, which is much the same to what Pimsleur offers. Audio lessons in this course are made so that you would hear a native speaker saying words and phrases in Hindi and later you try to repeat what was said. Repetition in Pimsleur is done not randomly, but rather through Spaced Repetition method. What it means is that new content is being repeated more frequently in the beginning and later time intervals for repeating become larger and learners are supposed to remember vocabulary. However it is not just repetition, since instructor of this course gives commands to say something based on the vocabulary you already know from the lessons. Interactive lessons in Pimsleur helps to ensure that listeners are thinking in target language more frequently and it also encourages them to speak out load in Hindi.

Most of learning material in Pimsleur comes in a form of audios so it is the most suitable course for audible Hindi learners. Audios in this course can be downloaded & transferred or accessed via different devices (app). The fact that you can learn all material while on the move, makes this course suitable for learners who have limited time for studying Hindi too.

What Courses are Available?

pimsleur-hindi-audio-lessonsAt the moment there are 2 parts of Pimsleur available for Hindi learners that comes in a form of audios. Pimsleur teaches Standard Hindi, which is mostly spoken and understood in New Delhi. Unlimited version of Pimsleur is currently unavailable for Hindi, so it is only possible to study via audio lessons (no visual content). Most other languages usually have at least 3 or even 5 levels of Pimsleur, but is quite common that language courses would offer less studying content for Hindi. This is most likely related to the fact that there is lower demand for Hindi courses. Hopefully there will be more parts of Pimsleur in the future, since the number of Hindi speakers grows really fast (so should the number people who will want to learn it).

Each level of Pimsleur contains a total of 30 units. Since each lesson is on average 30 minutes long this equals to about 15 or 16 hours of material. So by completing two parts of Pimsleur, you will cover more than 30 hours of studying material. This, of course, will not make you advance speaker in this language, but at least you will be able to get around in Hindi speaking country. Lessons in Pimsleur cover topics such as exchanging money, asking and giving directions, telling a little bit about yourself that can be especially useful for travelers. Along with audio lessons, there is also some material included on reading too (2 hours).

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

If you will spend some time reading reviews of Pimsleur, you will soon notice that there are a lot of people who recommend these lessons and use them for learning more than just one language. Based on user testimonials, the pace of these lessons is not too fast, repetition in them helps learners to recall studying material and it is also very convenient to study via Pimsleur while on the move.

Although you can also find some negative reviews saying that Pimsleur is too expensive, it teaches very limited vocabulary in each lesson and there is very little grammar is explained in this course. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Rocket Hindi bellow.


Interested in reading more user reviews of Pimsleur Hindi? Then visit Amazon page here.

Review of The Main Strong and Weak Sides.

Strong Sides:

  • For learners who want to test Pimsleur method, it is possible to get one free Hindi lesson by registering at official site;
  • User testimonials of Pimsleur are very positive, which is a good indication that it offers effective and quality lessons for learning Hindi and other foreign languages;
  • Pimsleur teaches essential vocabulary from the first lesson, so it is a great course for those who are planning to travel to Hindi speaking country soon;
  • Audios in this course are recorded by native speakers so you will be able to hear how words are pronounced correctly and be able to learn good accent;
  • Pimsleur offers convenient way to learn Hindi for busy people, since the whole course is audio based you can learn all the material on the go (while driving a car, working out and doing other activities). Also each lesson only about half an hour long, so you do not need to dedicate much time for this course everyday;
  • Audios in Pimsleur follow question-answer format, which means that instructor of this course will prompt you to say different phrases in your target language. This is a useful feature of this course and it can help you prepare for real life conversations with Hindi speakers;
  • The speed of the course is good (easy to follow what was said) and also everything is repeated a couple of times so it is enough to go through each lesson two or three times. Also material that you learned in previous lessons is also included in the next units so that you wouldn’t forget what you learned;

Weak Sides:

  • Due to repetition, Pimsleur introduces only little new studying content in each lesson. So even after finishing both levels of this course your ability to communicate in Hindi will be still quite limited;
  • Considering the fact that Pimsleur is only an audio based course and it doesn’t include much additional features, it is quite expensive course (119.95 USD per level);
  • Pimsleur teaches very little grammar, so you would definitely need more learning material if you intend to learn all areas of Hindi language;
  • This course teaches learners a more formal type Hindi, which is not exactly how native people communicate with each other in everyday situations. However this doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be understood, but you would rather sound like a foreigner;
  • Pimsleur lessons follow more or less the same format and they require quite a lot of repetition. Due to this, it can be said that this course offers not the most engaging way to learn Hindi and it requires a lot of determination;

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that Pimsleur is a great audio course that can help learners start speaking Hindi fast and with a good accent. The fact that this course provides studying content in audio format makes it suitable for studying on the move and via different devices too. The fact that Pimsleur lessons are interactive and they do a lot of repetition, helps to ensure that listeners are actually able to recall studying content from this course. So in case these are the qualities that you are looking in Hindi course, it is definitely worthwhile to consider these lessons.

When considering Pimsleur, it is important to keep in mind a few limitations of this Hindi course too. In case your aim is to improve other areas of Hindi like writing, reading & grammar, you will not find Pimsleur very useful for these mentioned purposes. Furthermore, mostly audio based studying content makes Pimsleur not very suitable for audible learners. Additionally it can be said that Pimsleur is quite an expensive course if you would keep in mind that it offers audio based lessons (without much additional features).

If you are a visual learner and you need more engaging course for studying Hindi it might be a good idea to consider Rocket Hindi course. It might be a better choice course for some learners because it is a bit cheaper, teaches all areas of Hindi and has more studying features in addition to audio lessons. To find out more about Rocket and other available online courses for studying Hindi, read this article.

If you are interested in trying Pimsleur Hindi, there is an option to register at the official website and you will get a free lesson from them. Since you only need to provide your e-mail address, it is completely free and will not cost you anything.

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Where to buy Pimsleur Hindi Lessons?

buy-pimsleur-hindiIf you already have made a decision to purchase this Hindi course, you can do so on Amazon or official Pimsleur website. Buying directly from official page of Pimsleur might be a better idea, since there are more pricing offers available.

You can get the first level of Pimsleur Hindi in both MP3 ($119.95) and CD ($345) format. In case you want to get additional discount, it is possible to order two levels of Pimsleur in a bundle (save up to ~10 USD). If both of these offers are too expensive for you, there is also an option to buy Mp3 lessons in units of 5, which are priced at $21.95. This offer is a bit more expensive in the long run, so it can be suitable for those who can’t afford to spend much money at a time.

Visit the official page of Pimsleur Hindi.

Coupon Code.

Even though this course is available for sale on a couple of websites online, it might be a better idea to buy it directly from official Pimsleur site. This is because you can use a coupon code and reduce the price of these lessons. At the moment one active coupon code that you can use is SAVENOW. By entering this coupon code at checkout you will get free shipping offer and also the price of your order will be reduced by up to 25%.