Rosetta Stone Hindi review.

About Rosetta Stone Hindi.

If you are not new to foreign language learning you should already be familiar with Rosetta Stone name. It is one of the best known programs for learning and currently there are courses for 24 different languages. When learning with this software you do not even need to know English, since the new language is thought through image-word association. Most of the exercises will show you different images, which you need to associate with words in Hindi. This type of learning is great for visual learners and people who tend to get bored quickly by learning long lists of vocabulary and grammar rules.

What is included in this software?

At the moment there are a total of three levels available for Hindi learners. This is not the most that Rosetta Stone offers, since some more popular languages have even five levels. However it is quite understandable, since Hindi is not as popular as Spanish, French or Mandarin languages; therefore most companies offers less levels. Each level of Rosetta Stone consists of four different units covering topics like shopping, greetings & introductions, work & schools and etc. In each unit you can choose what type of exercises to complete: grammar, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation and etc.

First of all, it is important to point out that there are two versions available of Rosetta Stone software. The first one is a standard version of software that you install on your computer and can use it for unlimited time. The second one is an online version, which can be accessed with internet connection and doesn’t require you to install anything on your computer; however it is a yearly subscription. The main difference between these two is that online version has some additional features. The first feature is online sessions with a tutor and other learners. You can book these sessions up to four times per month after you finish important parts of the course. The other feature of online version is that you can play games in Rosetta World with other learners, which will allow you to learn some additional vocabulary. In case you want to learn some material via your iPhone or iPod Touch device there is also an app available in online version. If you decide to choose a standard software these online features are also included, however they are only free for three months. So if you wish to use them for a longer period of time it might be a better idea to choose online version from the beginning.

For those who are interested in getting an online version there is a possibility to save some money by getting 12 month access from Amazon. It is a bit cheaper option than subscribing at the official website and with this package you will be able to choose any language from Rosetta Stone online and use it for one year.

No matter which version you will decide to choose the software will come with a headset and microphone, which you will need to use for Speech Recognition. This feature will evaluate whether or not you are pronouncing words correctly. So it is extremely useful for improving your pronunciation and “forcing” you to speak out load.

What do other people reviews say?

It can be said that reviews of Rosetta Stone Hindi are quite mixed. Some users are quite happy with this software while others complain that speech recognition tool doesn’t work correctly or it is too hard to progress with Hindi without explanations in English language. Read a few reviews from real users of Rosetta Stone Hindi bellow.


For more user reviews of Rosetta Hindi software visit Amazon website here.

Review of The Main Benefits and Drawbacks.

Main Benefits:

  • When it comes to vocabulary, you can learn the most words and phrases with Rosetta Stone than compared to other similar online programs;
  • Rosetta Stone offers three levels for Hindi learners, so you can achieve higher level with this course than compared to Pimsleur;
  • Online version of this course provides users with some great social features like live sessions with a tutor and games that can be played with other Hindi learners;
  • In case you are already familiar with Hindi language you should find this software very useful for learning and repeating vocabulary;
  • Speech Recognition technology, which is included in this software is very useful for practicing and improving your Hindi pronunciation;
  • This course teaches all aspects of Hindi – speaking, grammar, listening, writing and reading.
  • The program is developed so that it would easy to use, so you will not need any guides or help from other people to figure out how it works;
  • One of the most interactive software and most of the time it doesn’t even seem as if you are learning hard.

Main Drawbacks:

  • It can be said that Rosetta Stone is one of the most expensive programs for learning Hindi, although if you would compare it to Pimsleur audio lessons by separate levels it is quite similarly priced;
  • You will need additional material to this program in order to understand Hindi grammar properly and learn Devanagari script;
  • Sometimes it is difficult to know the exact meaning of a word simply based on the picture that this software shows, so you might need to use dictionary quite often;
  • If you are studying Hindi for traveling purposes this software is not the best choice to learn this language fast, since it includes a lot of random vocabulary. It can be said that courses like Rocket and Pimsleur are more focused on teaching you the most needed Hindi phrases while traveling;
  • The fact that all pictures in exercises are the same for all languages makes it kind of weird, since you are learning Hindi language and you see people from Africa and Japan in pictures. Although it is a small drawback and it doesn’t reflect studying results;
  • Lack of English explanations migh often cause frustration, since you need to complete a lot of exercises in order to understand a simple grammar rule.

Summary of a review.

To conclude this review it can be said that despite some drawbacks, Rosetta Stone can be a very useful tool for learning Hindi. It can work extremely well for people who already familiar with this language and want to repeat and expand their vocabulary more. Provided workouts in this software are very engaging and they can help to improve all aspects of Hindi language. Speech Recognition technology in this program is also very beneficial practicing your Hindi speaking skills. The other benefit of Rosetta Stone is that there are 3 levels of this software available for Hindi so you can advance more with this language than compared with other courses.

Despite all these mentioned advantages I would suggest trying Rocket course or buying additional grammar books along with Rosetta Stone for complete beginners at Hindi. This is because Rosetta Stone complete immersion method will not explain Hindi language structure or grammar rules, so you will need to figure out everything by yourself.

Where to buy Rosetta Stone Hindi Courses?buy-Rosetta-Stone-Hindi

If you are interested in buying this course there are a few option from where you can purchase it. The first option would be to buy it from Amazon and the other – from official website online. Both websites usually offer the same price so there is no difference from where to buy it. Currently you can buy all three levels of this course for a price of $279 or there is an option to buy one level for $119.36.

Find Rosetta Stone Hindi course on Amazon.

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